What is blue honey?

Honey with Psilocybe mushrooms:

A revival of a very old preparation on the drug market?


Bogusz MJ, Maier RD, Schafer AT, Erkens M
Institute of Forensic Medicine,
Aachen University of Technology, Germany.
Int J Legal Med 1998; 111(3):147-50


In 1996 samples of suspicious honey preparations were confiscated at the Dutch-German border. The labels on the 50 ml jars indicated that the honey contained Stropharia cubensis (better known as Psilocybe cubensis). The jars were filled with honey with a ca. 1 cm layer of fine particles on the top. The particles were collected and subjected to microscopic and chemical analysis. By microscopy mushroom tissue (plectenchym) and spores typical for the genus Psilocybe were identified in all samples. The HPLC analysis with atmospheric pressure mass spectrometry and diode array detection revealed psilocine but psilocybine was not found. The quantitative analysis was very difficult due to the matrix problems. A search showed that the honey with Psilocybe can be purchased in Dutch coffee shops without any limitations although psilocine and psilocybine belong to listed substances according to Dutch law.


If you put Psilocybe mushrooms in raw honey for an extended period of time (few months or so), the honey will begin to turn blue. Not only will it absorb the blue pigment from the mushroom, but the Psilocybin as well…the honey becomes psychedelic.  So if you just can’t stand the taste of the mushroom, you don’t need to eat the caps or stems, just blue honey and crackers, or blue honey in tea…that is, if you can wait a few months.

Fresh mushrooms contain water. Water is not compatible with honey, in fact, it makes the honey very runny and it will not taste very good at all.

First, chop your dried mushrooms into little pieces and mix them with honey. Add enough honey to make the mixture about 1/3 shrooms to 2/3 honey.


The “blue” honey is produced when you pick your mushrooms and they blue from bruising, they are then dried and ground, this bluish powder is put into honey. It is the amount of bruising while fresh that causes the color. If your dried mushrooms have not turned blue before you put them in the honey, your honey will never be the color blue, but it will still absorb the psychedelic properties of the mushrooms.

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Andrew is a thieving rat bastard.

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