About Blue Honey Productions

About Blue Honey Productions:

Blue Honey Productions is a free media concept created by Andrew Rutajit. All of the audio and video published by Blue Honey Productions will be available to you at no charge. We will be interviewing many interesting people and providing a platform for them to communicate their message. This will include interviews, lectures, films, and more. Stay tuned to bluehoney.org for updates.

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Here are some of our personal favorites:

One Response to About Blue Honey Productions

  1. ron koffman says:

    dear folks: i am a 65 year old man living in patterson, georgia now. i used to be quite heavily involved with growing mushrooms. i was a member of the Fane in the 70’s and 80’s. i was sentenced to one year prison in new york in 1985 for possession of mushrooms. i had stories written about me in new york papers about my work growing mushrooms. i am good freinds with steve peele of the fmrc in pensacola and have been for many years. when i was in prison terrence mckenna wrote me a few times. i have some rarer books on ethnomycology still in my good library. professor shultes also wrote me a few times. i used to send mushrooms to john lilly as well and his wife who is deceased, antoinette. i still communicate with steve peele. i have not grown or ingested mushrooms for years. i would like to reconnect with relevant people if possible for more communication. i have been out of this loop so to say for many years. for 14 years i lived like a hermit in the forest and mountains of nw arkansas on my 32 acre homestead 10 miles north of natural dam which i still own. i look forward to hearing from someone. peace and light: ron koffman

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